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[TR] Rebel Yell (7p, 5.10), Chianti Spire - 8/12/2010


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Trip: Rebel Yell (7p, 5.10), Chianti Spire -


Date: 8/12/2010


Trip Report:

Jason and I were ready to get our hands on some good rock climbing, so we spent the last couple of days in the Wine Spires. Our main objective was the East Face of Chianti Spire, otherwise known as Rebel Yell. This route features 7 pitches of sustained and solid crack climbing, complete with a couple of offwidth sections.


Although Rebel Yell can be climbed car-to-car in a day, we camped overnight at Burgundy col, and also climbed Silver Star and Vasiliki Tower. Plus, I took a lot of night photos - the Milky Way was quite distinct with the new moon.


As usual, I've posted full trip reports and photos on my website:

Rebel Yell: https://sites.google.com/site/stephabegg/home/tripreports/washington/northcascades/chianti

Silver Star and Vasiliki Tower: https://sites.google.com/site/stephabegg/home/tripreports/washington/northcascades/silverstar


Here are some photos:



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Amazing trip report and info - but i still think you REALLY NEED to buy a domain name and at least have it re-direct to your site.

It's only ~10 bucks a year


Thanks for the tip, try this: www.stephabegg.com


($20, since you have to pay $10 for the domain name and $10 for the forwarding. worth it though.)


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Awesome route! Great pics and description.


The 5.10 off-width near the summit is one of my favorite pitches in the mountains. I thought the lower chimney felt much easier.


TR from 2 summers ago:




A bonehead question... can anyone tell me how to create a TR? I can't find a link anywhere, using Firefox on a Mac. Thanks!

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Glad to see you had a successful trip. I talked to you guys briefly in morning prior to yours/ours departure.


Hope you had a good trip too, what did you guys climb? (Sorry, I think when we met in the parking lot I wasn't too coversational, I was distracted by the conundrum of fitting 2 ropes and 2 cameras in my pack!)

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