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n00b heaven


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Thought I would intro myself. Not new to the PNW, but new to mountaineering. Really excited to pull off a summit this summer (probably Adams). Been backpacking for a long time and have always wanted to strap on some crampons, grab an axe, and hit the trail.


These forums are n00b heaven :grin: Keep up the good info!

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Any basic straight shaft mountaineering axe will be what you need. I think the length is supposed to come to your ankles if you hold it down at your sides. If its a little shorter than that it won't kill anything though.


For Adams or other similar snow climbs you can get away with a sturdy pair of hiking boots with strap on crampons as long as the boots aren't super flexible.


Go buy freedom of the hills, then read it.


If you cant get someone with experience to show you, watch some youtube videos of self arrest technique several times over. Then practice it yourself (without crampons) on a slope where you can't hurt yourself if you go out of control.


Don't glissade with crampons on...ever.

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