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Fatality at Big Four Ice Caves


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This is now a national story, and I heard it being discussed on the radio a few minutes ago: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/08/02/washington.ice.caves.death/index.html?hpt=C1


According to the radio, the father criticized the slow response time of the medics. :noway:


"Brand said ice at the popular attraction is melting so much this year that it is not stable, and warned visitors to stay away from the ice caves."


Not sure why they would say ice is "melting so much this year" when it's been a fairly low melt year by comparison.




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What blows my mind are uncompasionate comments by the readers of CNN or any other newsite who say "she shouldn't have been there in the first place". Or any other mountain related accident response to the effect of "that's a drain on our taxdollars to rescue people who go out to a dangerous plance."


I figured that of all the accidents, this story would arrouse some sympathy for the family and their loss. Yet some reader's comments are so quick to blame the parents for something that could have happened to any of us willing to go outside to experience reality.

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The average "tourist/Mt. Si" hiker probably doesn't realize how long it can take for rescue even at fairly close locations. I don't know how long it took SAR or whoever responded to get there but an hour would feel like an eternity to someone who is used to the ambulance being at their house in 10 min. We all know that anytime you get same day service from SAR its good but Joe hiker may not.

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"The Forest Service has said it will review signage and consider ways to raise awareness of the dangers on the trail as well as the ice caves."


I remember the signage being really clear.


Nevertheless many people approach the caves (leaving the clearly marked end of trail with warnings not to do so) - myself included.


Very sad.

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