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[TR] Mt. Rainier - Sunset Ridge 7/15/2010

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Trip: Mt. Rainier - Sunset Ridge


Date: 7/15/2010


Trip Report:

I am not in a very literary mood currently, I do not feel like elaborateing on approach details, times, places etc... Eric did get charged by a black bear high on the mowich glacier, perhaps he will elaborate...

Ever since Sky Sjue skiied Sunset Ridge, and put it on the map so to speak -- I have wanted to ski it. Here is a link to a good picture of it on Sky's website -- http://www.skisickness.com/Rainier/MowMap/ -- Sunset Ridge is on the right. I am lucky to have friends such as Eric Wehrly, He is the man.

The climb went smoothly, minimal rockfall, and we allowed ourselves plenty of time, and we were on the upper mountain with minimal exuastion, thanks to our slow and steady pace. We met some bretheran skiiers high on the Mowich, who were planning on skiing the Edmunds Headwall. We joined forces and hung out on the upper mountain -- tagging, and skiing off the summit together. Moderate winds gave the upper mountain a slight spice - like black pepper - nothing to hot, but enough suffer-flavour to leave a little wind burn. A period of waiting was nessecary for the face to ripen in late day sun, then it was on. It was my 4th time on the Mowich face, and this was the best condition I've seen it in, when it's in nasty condition -- it's pretty fucking scary...

Dropping in was unreal, soo good. My headcam was malfunctioning, and it's too bad casuse the face was soft...

After skiing the upper Mowich Face, Eric and I (Eric in lead) took a steep ski traverse to gain Sunset Ridge, the traverse was spicey - like jalepenos -- hot, with good flavor but nothing that causes prolonged pain. There was some rime ice, a little hop, thin cover etc...

The ridge proper held excellant skiing, which turned into insanely good corn, and we skiied down with grins. The bergshrund was soft, but easily negotiable. The final turns were on the softside...


This is a pretty crappy picture, I'll try and find a better one.



Eric bright and W-early



Eric on the travese from the ridge to the mowich



ballers on the summit



dropping, not many pics on the upper face -- just skiing.



looking down from the traverse to sunset ridge, skiiers can be seen below.

















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What else can I say Dan but - :tup:

Always a pleasure reading your reports - literary or not.

Too bad about the head cam.


I have a feeling that when you say "-- it's pretty fucking scary..." that it would probaby make us mortals lay down and cry like wee baby men.



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