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[TR] Mt Washington - NE Ridge 5/29/2010


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Trip: Mt Washington - NE Ridge


Date: 5/29/2010


Trip Report:

Very brushy route. It doesn't appear that many people have been up the NE Ridge in recent years. Snow started at 3500 ft at around the same time as the clouds moved in. Pt. 4457 was much more difficult to navigate around in the fog than I had originally anticipated. That, combined with the poor avalanche forecast, prompted us to turn around. Despite the limited success it was still a fun and very wet Olympic bushwhack.




Gear Notes:

Ice Axe


Crampons (didn't end up using)


Approach Notes:

One small washout on the road past Jefferson Lake. Easily crossed with four wheel drive.

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that would be a different Mt. Washington.


Perhaps folks avoid the NE ridge because it's a choss-covered nightmare.


Perhaps folks do the NE ridge because it's a choss-covered nightmare. :grin:


I've never done any of the backside routes, anyone done one that they really liked? The top of the NE ridge looks cool enough.

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From what I could see of the route early in the morning before the clouds moved in, it would be relatively choss free route this time of year. Pretty much solid snow above 4000 ft. Maybe in August after the snow melts it would be a choss pile, but that goes for pretty much anywhere in the olympics.

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Hello all! Just registered, so I feel I should post something. I know it is a month old now, but Jeff failed to show any proof of our bushwhack. Sorry the photos are only links, I'm too lazy to figure stuff out at the moment. The picture of The Brothers is the only good landscape shot I have.

For the Route, as far as I can recall, the more northern side of the ridge is worth 5 min extra hike from car (down FR 100) The bushwhack should was much easier than the eastern side of the ridge. Or, maybe going down through the trees is much easier than grappling up them!


All I could see most of the trip, using advanced blur technology for increased action.



The south peak of The Brothers. Also the only time the clouds allowed a picture to be taken.



Near turn around.



Bushwhack photo, although I must say that this was the most dense part.


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