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couple photo's from China


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couple big walls right down the road. And one of the only toy's from China with less than lethal Mercury levels in it ;]



mmm Village food. Thats a whole goat!



View from above of a small village.



the gal and I out scouting some sandstone by Laojunshan/ Liming National parks. Also part of the Three Rivers Gorge Scenic area. This region also has monkies! Rare and super endangered...


China rocks. Come out and climb. You'll love yourself for it.


p.s. Mark Webster here's a few teaser photos for ya.

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Ooof Mark how could you hurt me with hateful words? A tour guide?! I quit my last job because of such awful accusations. ;]


Yup she gets up on the rock. glad to say though she likes hand jamming more than this sport crap. And Sobo, I don't think she woulda gone anywhere near my mouth if it wasn't for that piece of gum. several days of village food and no tooth brush equal the stench from hell...

So when you all coming over to help set some new big wall lines?

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Stiven- you can see a goat testicle in the middle of the frying pan! :0 No waste with that modified goat rattle too. Kid seems pretty happy even without an Iphone and Xbox. Must be an amazing contrast to our way of life here in the goo ol US of A FUk Yeah! Miss you dude, glad your having the adventure of a lifetime. Have fun on that nice looking stone!


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