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Mountaineering boots


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Man I'm going Ape Sh-t here trying to find some descent boots. seem every idiot at online store can't or won't try on boots to even give you and idea about fit.

So I'm looking for a boot that is semi auto crampon compatible, and not too stiff for longer approches. I have a d width foot. I fit in most la sportiva's except the trango's fit too narrow. and la sportiva's have sloppy ankle and the eyelets touch when I tighten them up.

I'm especially intrested if anyone was tried on boots, from zanberland, Or millet, Aku, and Salewa. also Kaylands.

Thanks guys

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I just picked up a pair of La Sportiva Nupste at Feathered Friends. La Sportiva isn't making this model anymore (the spatnik is taking its place) so the $500 boot is going for $350. Not sure how many they have left.


This boot is a double boot, but not plastic. I tried several plastics and found that they still suck. The Nuptse is very comfortable (for a thick boot) and I just hiked up to Lake Serene in it and was fine.


It might be overkill, depending on what you want your boots to do. I bought them for winter ascents, and steeper, technical ascents of the volcanoes, so it will do that fine. For a hiking boot, I wouldn't recommend it. Too heavy and not much flex. There are better hikers out there, but I think it is a great double boot.



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I've never bought boots online...for me fit is first priority and I hate mailing stuff back. You might consider going to Marmot, Second Ascent, Feathered Friends (as needtoclimb suggested), or Pro Mountain Sports. I've been fortunate finding boots there on sale or even used. I love the Trangos, but I have also had good experience with the Asolo Expert GV...very comfy on long approaches and climbs well. Deals are out there, you just have to keep looking for a good fit for your feet and climbing needs. I often buy boots when stores have their 20% or more sales so when my current boots wear out, I've got replacements ready. Good luck!

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i would also suggest the lowa mnt expert, as it was suggested to me on my first thread here titled 'mountaineering boot advice for a newb'. I ended up going with it cause it fit great and was priced well.


my foot is narrow, low volume-to-average volume, i have no arch-a very flat foot, and narrow-to-average heels. the boots fit great.


has a front toe bail too, but is semi-auto compatible just fine. has worked fine on approaches like mt jefferson. in fact i use it really any time i'm in the snow in the winter..


secondly, what i'd do is find out what foot-bed lasts were used in the boots that do fit you from la sportiva or wherever, there should be a description on their site (or contact them) that describes what general type of foot it was designed towards. then try to read about the lasts used in other brands, and that will help you decide which ones to try or not. for instance the scarpa summits are absolutely not geared towards a low volume, flat, narrow-heeled foot like mine.

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These Asolos compare to the La Sportiva Trango and are a little wider (felt the same way about the Trangos as you).


I have a narrow heel, and can lace 'em to keep my heel in place; Green superfeet help create a 'pocket' for the heel.


They have a rear bail for semi-auto crampons.


I've used them for summertime hiking in the Cascades and also WI4 with no complaints.



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I have a pair of the Asolo Alpinist GV - very comparable to the Experts. My foot is slightly wide, so the the LaSportivas never fit well. The Alpinists fit numatic crampons, rigid enough for steep alpine ice work but flexible enough for the approach. Less expensive than the Experts too. Paid about $200 for them. Good luck!

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Thanks guys, the lowa experts seem to be a diffent last than there other boots and fit quite narrow. I've also found that Asolo's fit narrow in general, But I'd be willing to check those out.

I'd love to try on boots locally however for alot of people it's not possible plus most shops simply carry the same La sportiva, scarpa boots no variety at all.

I've been informed that the kaylands have a bit wider fit and that the apex rock might be a good boot. I'm also curiosu about zanberland expert pros, and boots made by aku and salewa but I haven't tried them on or know how they fit.

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I've had to switch to wider boots over the last couple of years due to some foot pain. That, Sole inserts, and tennis balls have done the trick.


I've tried pretty much everything above and it's all too narrow, Asolo, La Sportiva, Scarpa, Kayland etc. The only brand that seems to be consistently wide enough is Vasque, from their light hikers to the SuperAlpinsta.


I took a pair of these out for a test drive last weekend.


I think I'll keep them. The Mulaz soles are nice.


Unfortunately I think this might be the last batch of mountaineering boots to come from Vasque:


No Products Found.



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