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great trip to bishop!


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yeah...i'll get them up...


Drew *almost* sent Slow Dance in the happies...he has firmly driven home the point that i can't touch his abilities! ;-)


He did tick a bunch of V5-V8 problems also...


JonO hiked mid 5.10's at Owens and up to V2 bouldering...he's just turned 8...


I'm sooooo psyched/motivated by these kiddos...

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I'll argue that started with the whole "ghey" BS from you awhile back buddy! :laf:


Why do you say "gay" (in which "ghey" is just the equivalent misspelled version like "nigra") when you mean "stupid" anyway? Are you afraid of offending stupid people? Or do you honestly believe there is a branch of climbing that only homosexuals prefer?

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No, keep the guide, it does not look like I will be going back, I have soo much I want to do and so little time and my old body is running out of steam and can't take the falls any longer.

Sure would like to find sport routes on that kind of rock tho!

So was that old guide still up to date?

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