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BLT climbing club?


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I saw this flyer at our local gym, it was something about a BLT climbing club. Have you guys ever come across such a thing?


It might have said LBLT, I'm not sure - maybe they like extra lettuce. But I climb with this vegan guy sometimes and he doesn't eat bacon. So we could trade, I could have a BBLT and he could have an LLLT, that would work for both of us. Yum, extra bacon.


Personally, I think a BLT climbing club would be real cool. Climb a route, eat a BLT, another climb, another sandwich. If they had some coffee, that would be perfect.


I guess that's how a BLT climbing club would work, right? Just checking since the concept is new to me, maybe you guys have heard of this before or have some experience?

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That's not a bad idea. They could install some of those bacon dispensers next to the anchors.




Otherwise I'll just to stick to climbing with vegans. I think some of these LBLT climbers are vegetarians. I'll trade them all the L and T they want and they can give me all their B, mmm, bacon.

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