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Opposing Gates

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Yes, knowing how to tie, and when to use, a Muenter hitch, as well as "ghetto workarounds" for locking biners, are all equally valuable snippets of knowledge to add to the toolbox.


10 years in the Army. I can pretty much "ghetto workaround" everything.


I can learn from books, but prefer hands on in conjunction with books

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I was going to say this very same thing, then I got to the bottom of the thread and found RBP's post.

RBP is exactly correct. The gates MUST BE MADE to form an "x" when opened. That will NOT HAPPEN if you arrange the gates as opposite and opposed. They will form a "slash" across the biners when opened (try it). While that may look fine to you, turn one of the biners around 180 degrees and now what do you see? Both gates are aligned and adjacent, and all that needs to happen now is for the rope to fall out. Precisely NOT what you were trying to achieve with "opposite and opposed", no?


If by "flip 180 degrees" you mean to rotate around the axis parallel to the long sides of the 'biners, assuming that a rope/sling/etc. goes through both 'biners, there's no way that's gonna happen.

No, that's not what I mean, and you're correct, that can never happen if the biners have something passing through them.


And if by "rotate 180 degrees" you mean rotating around an axis that is perpendicular to the plane of the carabiner, then if that happens, properly reversed and opposed 'biners would still be reversed.

Yes, this is what I mean, and no, you're incorrect. Put the two biners together opposite and opposed, rotate one of them 180 degrees around an axis that is perpendicular to the plane of the biner, and the gates will line up, with both gates having the hinges side by side. Now both gates, if opened, will not trap the rope/sling/etc. All I ask is that you try this yourself.





Reversed and Opposed:


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All I ask is that you try this yourself.


This is kinda turning into a rc.com thread, but...


I did! and even took pictures, which you presumably saw when you included them in your post.

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