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Good deal on fleece?


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I went the way of thin, form-fitting jacket, and am still contemplating the soft shell decision. This fleece will be dual-use, for climbing/scrambling attire, and for a reasonably-presentable jacket for everyday use.


I have had good luck using a fleece zip jacket for this dual use for a year at a time. 2001's model now has battery acid holes on sleeve, and pilled like a bastard. It was no-name. I left the 2001-2002 model in an Avis rentacar; it was an REI mid-weight, which was nicer than the no-name. As I think I said before, the mid-weight in combo with the heavy Goretex XCR shell has been a heavier combo than I've wanted. I hope the lighter-wt fleece and softshell will be a better combo. Thanks for the advice.

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Check Outdoor and More in Seattle- they're on Westlake not far from REI (right next to where Faction used to be. sniff). They've got a lot of off-brand stuff and brand-name stuff for cheap. They're very helpful and in my experience know their shit.


Marmot in Bellevue also has a pretty killer sales rack... they're also pretty helpful.

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One of the deals with the better fitting jackets and other garments is yardage. Materials are by far the most expensive part of most gear, esp if it is made in sweatshops, and by cutting clothes more boxy and simple, it keeps the waste down on the fabric end. With some of the fabrics out there being stratospherically expensive (the softshells come to mind), fabric waste is a huge consideration. We all love the cut of Arc'teryx stuff, but one of the reasons the stuff is so freaking expensive is that they are wasting a lot of fabric making those cool styles. They are also harder to make, in terms of the actual sewing, as anyone who has ever tried to make a gusset will attest to. Not sure if the stuff is still made in Canada, but that too would affect the price.

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