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[TR] Mount Pershing - Route 7, mostly 2/21/2010


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Trip: Mount Pershing - Route 7, mostly


Date: 2/21/2010


Trip Report:

We missed out on the Col Bob trip John posted earlier because of some things that came up, but we didn't want to waste such an amazing weekend!


So we ended up taking a run up Pershing. Without knowing whether we could actually get to the start of the climb we left Bremerton around 4am and found no snow on the drive in and Jeferson lakes area is toatlly accesable in February! Crazy!


We hiked up the way trail which is well flaged. It takes some of the fun out of route finding and I am not a big fan of the marking.




I think these are the "vegated slabs" from route 7. On the way down we came down a gulley to the right of the slabs and this was defintely the way we should have also come up, at least in the snow.



Kevin with Washington in the background.







We tried the East ridge after hitting the basin and got turned around because of the cornices and bad snow conditions. After walking further up into the basin we decided to try out the direct snow finger to the summit. The snow was much more solid here and even required some step chopping up higher.




From the summit looking back on Washington.




The Brothers in the distance 100_2573.JPG


Mildred and the Sawtooths.



Thanks for the pictures Kevin!


I will post some of mine when I get them downloaded.






Gear Notes:

Crampons, pickets, bring it all, but leave the snowshoes!


Approach Notes:

The flagging gremlins have marked the trail all the way to the "vegatated slabs". No snow until almost 4000'!

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Roger shared this picture with me so I thought I would post it here. Keith Spencer was in the first accent party for Route 1 in 1966. Hope you are reading this Ketih! It must have been awesome to be the first up so many of the Olympic peaks!



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I found my camera so here are some of my pictures.




Here is a close up on Washington





Goats staring us down.





Kevin in the upper basin.





Pershing upper basin panarama. I want to try more of these and this one wasn't planned so it turned out funky.





Kevin at the top of the col.





From just below the summit, Jefferson (Thorson). I am still trying to forget that bushwhack! Summit of Pershing in the foreground.






Looking down off the summit.





Kevin and I on top.




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