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new picks for BD tools.


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Cold Thistle BD picks are now available. Or at least will be with a few minor changes when I get back from Canada. Worth the wait from what I have seen so far.


prototypes and positioning for the pick weight holes.





The tuned, production version. A little less material and a 3mm tip ground from 4.7 mm stock




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Yes, a true super alloy, similar to, but better than Aermet for this application, stronger, tougher and more cold resistant than anyone's picks including BDs/Petzl/Grivel..by a lot. These will lessen the possibility of breaking a pick in normal use and be higher perfomace. I'll post specific numbers on all that when I back home and in the shop.


Also a totally new tooth and design for BD tools. But already well respected and proven performance.


Obviously a much more durable pick with higher performance standards than what is currently available with the standard pick on any tool. The CT picks offer a higher standard pick than has ever been offered by any manufacture, to date. They aren't required or for everyone. They will have a price point that is relative to the material used and performance benefits which means they will be a higher price point compared to every one else. My take on it is, if the CT picks are the advantage you are seeking for, or required by, your own climbing with BD tools you'll already know it.


Production pricing and availability will be forth coming shortly.


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