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Mt Hood Climbers Guide


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It has been a bit epic getting the book out (over five years and copious amounts of BS&T)but the pre-print edits are done and little stands between the glorious day when The Mt Hood Climbing Guide will adorn the shelves of retail outlets everywhere.


The publisher, Sharp End Books, emailed last week that the printer wants the book by mid-May. It takes but a couple short weeks to complete this final step.


I want to apologize to everyone for the delay. Not that it really matters at this point, but contributing causes include death, incarceration and just plain disappearance of key contributors. Since beginning the project I have been divorced, laid off/screwed over, sued by the ex, watched my daughter carried off to the middle east, got married, relocated to Houston, worked for a failed startup, relocated back to the PNW, lived in a tent all last summer, and finally moved to Ellensburg last fall. Life is challenging for pretty much everyone these days and I know I'm just whining, but the last five years have been rough and there have been many times when I just couldn't bring myself to write. Compared to others perhaps I'm a pussy, that's OK by this old boy, but I hate to give up on anything. This book has been both a blessing and curse, thus far mostly the latter. But I'm glad it's done now and I really, really hope you like it. Thanks to everyone involved, emails will go out to the many contributors as soon as the printing is done.


Kind Regards,


Bill Mullee

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I've always known Bill as a man of his word. Shit happens, and it's how you deal with it that matters.


I'm confident this project will come to fruition and we'll see an amazing, well thought-out and beautifully photographed (thank you, John!) guide that will stand the test of time.


If you need anything Bill, let me know.


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moses mighta wandered though the goddamn desert fir 40 years, but, in the end, he brought the people on home!


good jorb there old boy :):rawk:


and excellent timing, my last day of work before summer starts - you gotta any sorta idea for a celebration? ain't seen ye in a mort'a years.

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Just got my hard copy today. Great job, Bill!!


Mr. Scurlock, those photos are outstanding - very high quality. To see the mountain from those aspects is amazing.


And everyone that contributed, well done. This is a great piece of work.


You deserve a big pat on the back. Thanks again, Bill!



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same.. i'd had the 'ebook' on my phone for a few weeks now and that was 'cool' and all but the book arrived today.... how did this not exist before now? DAMN what a fine job you did Bill, and all contributing authors/photographers!! This thing is going to be a hood bible--as much info is at the finger-tips on the net these days, it doesn't touch the value of a book like this.


she's a beaut', clark!

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Yes, thanks for crossing the finish line it is an instant classic.


Unfortunately I have a list of the corrections that I noticed in my sections:


Page 69-70, photo credits and FA party named: "J. Lane". Correction to name: L. Brown, or Lane Brown.


Pg 71 Steel Pillar, route 3a, FA party named "J. Lane". Correction : Mike Carville on page


Pg 98, Descent Notes, Add the rappel route down N. Ridge from true summit. 1 rope gets you to single old bolt though. (Has the anchor been updated?)


Page 102ish. Add the Castle Crags Route and the summertime classic: Castle Crags Direct. How did this get by us?


Page 174 Route 17e: Davis Ramp ,FA: WW and Blake Osmansen


Page 174 Route 17f: Black Widow, FA: WW and Tim Olson (Not Beau). How did this get by Tim?

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Sorry about the photo errors, I will make corrections in the next printing.


Didn't mention the NF rap, no second confirmation... will definitely add it if anyone would id the position and condition of the bolt. Pics?


Castle Crags route was not included, couldn't find a second climber to recommend it. Interviewed a guy who fell on it. If anyone wants to own this route description please contact me in the next 30 days or so.


You mention Tim Olson. Where in the world is Tim Olson?! Best graphics designer ever, he needs to be paid... along with John Scurlock for his amazing photography. Haven't heard yet from the publisher how sales are going. REI Portland wants to do book signings last Friday of Aug and/or first Friday of Sept.


Everyone and anyone is invited to pm me anytime. Comments, complaints, suggestions, whatever. The idea is to create a better climbing guide by and for the climbers of Mt Hood. Updates, improvements, and corrections are scheduled approximately every six months.


Kind Regards,



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Didn't mention the NF rap, no second confirmation... will definitely add it if anyone would id the position and condition of the bolt. Pics?

Bill, please contact ColinB re: NF rap situation. He has got the latest topo/updates, possibly pics.


REI Portland wants to do book signings last Friday of Aug and/or first Friday of Sept.


How are they going to do the book signings if they did not even get the book in stock?

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Please see the below email from Sharp End Books:



Hey Bill,


Your book got a great endorsement from OMC in Portland! If you know Bennett Frazier buy him a beer.


REI is still considering the book. We're having a phone conference with our buyer to understand what their reluctance has been. We're pretty baffled. It would be helpful if REI customers, (AKA your friends), would go to their local REI and ask staff about the book. If they're getting requests from customers, it could help persuade them. Many publishers have had some frustrating experiences with REI picking up quality books. Their book stance has changed lately and we're all shaking our heads.


The REI event scheduler is going to propose some dates about 6 weeks out. They want to allot enough time to promote.


Bennett at OMC recommended Base Camp Brewery for an event. If we do an event, I'll like to try and coordinate with the attendance of some of the contributors. Can you send me emails so that we can reach out?


Let's keep in touch,




Heidi Knapp, Co-Owner

Sharp End Publishing

PO Box 1613

Boulder, CO 80306

tel: 303-444-2698






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