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Black Rock Hats now available at TiGoat!


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I'm happy to announce that TiGoat retailers now carry the Black Rock Hat. Just in for the climbing season and ready to ship, now tax free for Washington climbers!


At less than an ounce there is no reason to hit the backcountry with a cold head. Tucked in a pocket or stuffed in your pack there is no better way to be prepared for your alpine adventures.


See us in this months issue of Rock and Ice or check out the field tested review online and order yours today.





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Cool that your hats are taking off Evan!


Here is my little review: I bought one of these last year, being fairly skeptical of how good they would be since they are down (wet down = no warmth). To test it out, my first trip with the hat was a winter ascent of Rainier last year. I found that I was toasty and warm all the way to top. Next I took it out on one of many alpine climbing trips last year (Stuart, CBR, SEWS, etc.). While I never led with the hat on, I found it so small and compact that I could easily put it in my pocket and put it on to keep warm while my partner was seconding the pitch. The hat compresses nicely under your helmet as well, which makes it a nice addition for ice climbing (which we surprisingly got to do a lot this season). I was also surprised to find that when the hat gets wet, it dries so quickly that my fears about a wet down hat were misplaced. When the hat gets wet, I simply air dry it for a couple of minutes, and I am good to go. I now take the hat on almost every trip, and think of it as an invaluable part of my wardrobe.


For JANUS, I would suggest that you try one out before you shit all over it. There are two other companies making these things and they charge between $75 and $120 for their hats (which look more like someone stapled a quilt on their head).



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I do not need to wear this hat to know that 65 dollars (or $75 or $120)is crazy expensive for a hat. I am glad you and the other consumers of this finery can afford to throw down such change for a hat.


For the record, I did not "shit all over it". I could not afford to shit all over it, unless someone else let me borrow theirs to do so. I was merely observing that the price seemed a bit high for a hat. However, I'm not the hat connoisseur that you must be. Or perhaps inflation has risen to new levels and I did not notice.


I was not comparing this finery with more expensive hats (that is insane). I was more comparing it with the general outdoor hat market, which averages somewhere around half the cost (or much less on sale).

But lest I become associated with the gentleman with the Walmart Puptent, I will bid you adieu and wish you all the best with your fine boutique couture, which I'm sure outperforms its competition in the very expensive hat market and will be highly successful.





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Wouldn't the hat totally compress under a helmet, eliminating any benefit of the high quality down? Lofting materials work best when they are used at maximum loft, otherwise, it wouldnt take much compression before the dry warmth of the hat decreased below fleece. Does look like it'd be cozy for camping, bouldering, or other helmetless pursuits.

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I have one and I also love it. It does compress under a helmet, but puffs up anywhere not covered by a strap. I also like that it doesn't make for a hard ball when I take it off an stuff it in my pocket, it compresses and basically disappears (I've lost it that way at home a few times). It's definitely my favorite hat.


Yep, it's pretty damn pricey (he just raised the price from his intro offer of the past year), but so is any other sort of hand made 900 fp down gear. Nunatak makes some nice $175 down booties if you are so inclined as well. There is a niche for everything. It sounds like he's selling enough to keep busy. Wouldn't be high on my list if just getting started and I just needed a hat, but I do love it.




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Hmm, cool looking down hat. fyi Some of us really appreciate a good hat -


Crystal Crag (eastern Sierra) this past September



The llama hat is actually quite warm. There is a picture somewhere on the web of Laura skiing in her moose hat, and it would appear the antlers act as lateral stabilizers.



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