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Olympus in winter Feb 16-19?


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Finally, the weather window I've been waiting for. Unless the forecasters change their minds, mid-late next week looks like a brilliant time to assault that beast we call Olympus. I know it's been established that it's been done in the winter, but it's time to do it and document the trip well.


I'm thinking Tuesday through Friday next week. One day in, two to get the job done, and one day out. There's a good chance it could happen in three days, but I don't think underestimating that thing is smart.


PM me or reply here if interested. I'd hand out my phone number, but I haven't bothered setting up voicemail on it yet... I'm only lazy off the mountain... really...

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Alright, sissies...


No replies yet? I'm disappointed!


It looks like it would be smart to move the trip back one day based on the forecast. The 17th - 20th work for anyone???


Also, I finally got around to setting up voicemail. 206-931-9041.


And if you're on the fence, consider this: Take the week off. All you'll do if you don't take the week off is earn more money so you can buy a fancy ipod full of inspirational songs. Well, this is more inspiration than any lame tunes. You all know it. So you'll retire one week later, but you might as well take the time off while you're younger and can still do something this epic.


I'll also up the ante. Will completely fund the transportation costs, including meals to and from the trailhead!

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