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[TR] Night Photography at Winchester Mountain Lookout - snowshoe 2/6/2010


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Trip: Night Photography at Winchester Mountain Lookout - snowshoe


Date: 2/6/2010


Trip Report:

On Feb 6-7, I snowshoed and spent the night at the Winchester Mtn Lookout. It was a great way to (not) study for my statistics midterm this week.


The views of the white-capped Cascades were amazing.


As usual, on my website, I've posted a full trip report with lots of photos of the wintertime Winchester Mountain Lookout and views of the snow-encrusted North Cascades. Here's the link:



Here are a few photos:


Labeled summit pano:


Link to larger version.


The route



Night photography at the lookout:



Black and white view:



Alpineglow on Border Peaks, Larrabee, The Pleiades:



Perfect snowflakes:



Again, here's a link to the full trip report on my website:



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Right on. I do like that lookout.


I was just staring at your night photography of Three Fingers Lookout (very cool stuff). Over the weekend, headed up there for some skiing. I'll tell you what, three fingers lookout is wayyyyy more snowed in, but very cool nevertheless.


The times I've been to winchester it's been buried over the roof. Doesn't look like much snow there now. Sure nice not to dig so much I bet.


Oh, the night time views from three fingers over the weekend were awesome as well!










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So stupid question...the obvious snow pyramid of a peak is Pleiades? That looks to be an amazing ski from the summit if given the correct conditions.


It's Larrabee. When I was up at the Lookout, a group of 3 skiers came down just after skiing it. Said it was lots of fun, and they made it 2 feet from the true summit (cornice). Yep, skiiable!



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