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CC.com Splitboard Thread


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Okay, its been established. Who else has experienced total life transformation because of their splitboard?


ME ME ME!!! :wave:


I just bought one two weeks ago, and used it on Hood this weekend. It is pretty much the BEST THING EVER. I finally have a good system for mountaineering. It also happened to be a bluebird 5" powder day on sunday morning as we came down, which didnt hurt anything. :grin:

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Dude that's HELLA SIIIIIICK!!! What board/boots/bindings are you running? I jumped on the Band Waggon last year and its totally transformed the way I look at alpine mountaineering. I'm getting to the point where I'm like "if I'm going to climb it, I better be able to shred knarr coming down!!" Its amazing.....


I kinda want to tour up Hood. You go up the Palmer Ski Lift side?

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How do you like that Venture? :)


Would buy it again without a second thought. A little heavy when I have to carry it, but it busts through any crud...an acceptable trade-off as it has stood up well after 3 seasons of me smacking it around on rocks both on ascent and descent.

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Splitboarding is the answer.


Yes, but what is the question? Non-snowboarder ;)



I think the question comes from the observation that "boot packing SUUUUUUCKS". And so naturally we snowboarders ask "how do I get the hell out there to shred knar?"


SPLITBOARDING!!!!!! :rocken:

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