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Denny's film


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I know, I know...I was actually hoping that somebody had a link to it cause i couldn't find it.


Do any of you Old Farts know Glen? Can we rent a copy from him?


It's called El Capitan as far as I know. Glen carried a camera with him on their ascent of the Nose, and there are AMAZING AMAZING long shots...

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OH, El Capitan...


I posted a query a while ago about a new dvd version as I have the VHS.

Great movie but hard to find.

Chronicling an epic journey in the vertical plane, "El Capitan" runs the range of emotions. At once hilarious and terrifying, prosaic and lyrical, Fred Padula's classic film traces the struggles of three climbers making the third ascent of the infamous 'Nose' route on the highest rock face in North America, El Capitan. As an archive it is priceless. As a climbing film it is peerless. "El Capitan" has won accolades where ever it has screened, and richly deserves the highest praise it received from the leading figure of Yosemite's Golden Age, Yvon Chouinard, who called it "The best climbing film I've ever seen."

In person: original climbers, Richard McCracken and Lito Tejada Flores. Invited to attend: original climber Gary Colliver, director Fred Padula, and climber/camerman Glen Denny.

60 min, 1978

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