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pretty dumb question - multi-pitch


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A pitch is generally considered to be a rope length....but that really varies. The standard rock climbing rope is still 50 meters, though many are using 60 meters.

If you need to rap a full pitch (as you say 60 meters) you would need to two ropes or do two raps. That is why many apline climbers use a two ropes system. Two ropes are very common for ice climbing.

Hope that answers your question.

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Originally posted by b-rock:
ok, dumb question, please be nice to a non-rock climber. i assume a 'pitch' refers to one rope length, say 60m. to rappell down that same pitch, would one not need two ropes? thanks y'all.
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Usualy. many pitches are often only 50' meters or less, unless otherwise specified. Can you be more specific, what area are you looking at? If its vantage (no multi pitch routes)than you won't need two ropes, Index probably.

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Personally, I find rapelling repelling. To put all that trust in a rope some stranger made and then lower yourself over a jagged edge to God only knows where...........What if you fall off the end of the rope? Or your spike thing comes out of the rock?

Or my alltime favorite from a nice old lady in a Winnebago parked at the cattle guard below SuperCrack -"There is no climbing here. The rock is too unstable. My Son knows. He reeppels."

OK. To be informitive, I use twin 9mm 50m ropes for my serious climbing. Since ropes continue to get stronger I will buy 8.5mm ropes next time. I have a 7mm 60m half rope for soloing on less technical routes such as North Index Spire. I double it for leading short steep sections and for rapelling off. I pack it up and carry it for unroped scrambling.

I usually do big walls in alpine settings. This means that I am way up in the mountains where nobody goes so there can be lots of loose rock to fall off and smash one of my ropes. If that happens I cuss and swear at my belay partner for not being quick enough to move the damn thing but we are both still alive as we go our separate ways. I prefer 50m ropes to 60m ropes because they are lighter and there is less rope to pile and sort on ledges. I have never run out of rope with a 50m. Also, the more rope you have, the more pieces of protection you tend to carry. I like to go very light taking 15 or 20 pieces including small wired stoppers. With a 50m rope that is a piece every 10 feet or less. With a 60m rope that is a piece every ten feet or more. When I am about to do moves through a very dificult section I am likely to put in two or three pieces in one place as extra safety and less mind f__k. I know if I fall, there is enough protection at that spot to hang a truck and I have TWO ropes going through that part so there is no way my safety system is going to fail. Unless my belayer is stoned. But that's a different lecture. I'm sure there are a couple of guys on line that can help you with that.

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def. of "pitch" is

1) the way the guy on the mound throws the ball to the batter (except in cricket - they "bowl" there);

2) when you try and persuade your climbing partner to go to a specific area, the BS you use for persuasion;

3) sticky stuff on your rope after a vertical bushwack;

4) how to get rid of banana peels, beer bottles and apple cores while driving;

5) an adjective added to "black" to describe how dark it was when you were rappelling and your headlamp died.

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