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Climb tomorrow rock or ice


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Rock or ice climbing tomorrow anyone?


It was 43F at Vantage today and it is supposed to be the same tomorrow. Anyone want to put on the rock shoes and climb at sunshine or Powerhouse wall at Vantage?


If ice climbing is your game, I know of a crag that is 1 hour from Seattle that gets a grand total of 20 minutes of sun at this date and is in fat right now. (It is over 4,500 in elevation). It is in from Thanksgiving to April Fools every single year.


Prefer to meet in Seattle or at an i-90 corridor park and ride.

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Just checking back on cascadeclimbers. A partner was found for the 13th.

Look for Edlingerrrr's posts right away next time if you want to go to the most reliable secret five month ice stash close to Seattle.


Doesn't it get old climbing the same waterfall over and over and keeping it a secret?


Seriously, we can't all go in the middle of the week. Please be kind and post a TR or at least a location.




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