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[TR] Weeping Wall, Bluewood, WA - 1/9/2010


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Trip: Weeping Wall, Bluewood, WA -


Date: 1/9/2010


Trip Report:

We decided to head up to Bluewood's Weeping Wall on Saturday to see if we could find some climbable ice. With the warming temperatures we were skeptical but with the top rope accessible Weeping Wall knew we'd probably be able to find something to climb! Sure enough a few pillars were quite decent and we were able to setup a top rope and lap some short ice pitches. P1097158.jpgP1097184.jpg

The ice was seeping a little bit, but still fun nonetheless. There were some cool formations to look at as well.P1097195.jpg es.


Gear Notes:

top rope anchor gear


Approach Notes:

Parking at the Middle point trailhead. Walk up the road a mile or so to access the wall 75 yards off the road on the left.

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this wall was the first place i'd climbed ice, 6 years ago. also, i took a swim in that creek once. ahh, memories :moondance:


I took a 'swim' too, when I blew a gusher near the top of the climb on a 35 degree day there a few years back. In the last ten feet of the climb, I managed to get soaked head to toe. Two thumbs up for short approaches and synthetic insulation.

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