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Abolishing the death penalty

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They never miss an op to post them, either. Some CC commie mentions single payer health care and out come the concentration camp photos with a Stalin caption (Um...didn't Stalin actually beat the NAZIs?) CHEERIST, its old before it starts.

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Yeah, the whole human misery photo thing. I find them disturbing, and couldn't imagine what motivates people to go the extra distance to actually post them.

this one wasn't hard to find and is the ultimate, and hardly sicko, pic of human suffering



cheering at an execution is fucked - sometimes its necessary, like kicking kevboner for being stupid, but to take actual joy in the event should make you nervous


but still id on't miss ted


after all, it made for an excelletn song?




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I know two women who were raped.

Both were random victims unlike the norm.

One was raped at knife point and fought just enough to get his blood on her and her blood on him.

He is up for parole in two years.

The other one was raped and testified against the rapist. This put him in prison for several years. She was killed by the rapist just as he said he would if she testified against him. He got out on parole and she was dead within 24 hours.

Let's try to rehabilitate him again eh?

I have two daughters and two step daughters.

I beleive in owning guns.


This is why I support the death penalty. Plus we shouldn't allow animals like Clemmons on the street.

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