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Lillooet 1/1-1/2; advice/roomshare


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Partner and I are planning to hit Lillooet this weekend despite >0 temp and possible rain.


1 Advice for places that are less likely to be melted out/affected by warming Ts?


2 We'll probably stay at Mile-0 (or some other local hotel)- is anyone else going up that wants to pack 4 into a room to save some money?


3 Also willing to carpool (we have vehicle) if you are have similar objectives and travel plans (leave Fri afternoon/early evening, return late-ish sunday night).


PM responses to 2+3



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as Matt says, most of the climbs are 400m or more higher than Lillooet, so shld be 2C to 5C colder. forecast is 4C-5C, so i'd expect the Duffey and Bridge River canyon to be right around freezing - shld be OK. but bring every pair of gloves you own...


Marble Canyon is always colder, both becuz of altitude and becuz it's out of the coastal influnece that creeps up the Fraser Canyon to Lillooet. the Clinton forecast gives a better idea of what to expect:



another excellent source of temp info is drivebc:


navigate to either the south coast or south interior region maps, then click a triangle to get current weather - also highway cams... there is info at cayoosh summit (duffey lk road) and carpenter lake (bridge), etc.


as for which routes are in, etc, just follow:



maybe see you there.



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