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W WA road access/touring conditions


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I used to tour around the WA cascades a lot, but a couple of years ago I moved to SF so I'm not up on WA conditions. I'll be back in town over Xmas and I want to do some touring (both day and 2-3 day), but I don't really know what's in condition. Can anyone comment on road access and/or touring conditions for the following (or make alternate suggestions).


1. Sulfide Glacier/Shuksan

2. Cascade River Rd/Eldorado/Forbidden area

( this thread suggests good access. )

3. Enchantments (in particular, is 8 mi road open or gated now?)

4. Tatoosh range

5. Mt Baker/Glacier Crk Rd ( this thread suggests you can get within a mile of the trailhead ).


Thanks in advance!



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As far as I know, that Middle Fork Snoq road is still washed out, and I believe part of it has been abandoned. As for the 8-mile road, that is pretty commonly done in the winter as it only adds 4 miles. Of all the places you listed I would rank the Tatoosh as the easiest access of them all. Park at Paradise, put on your skis and you're good to go. The Shannon trailhead (for shuksan) will generally just be closed wherever the snow gets undrivable. With the snow level starting so low this year, then bouncing up and all the various storms, I have no idea how far you'd have to go now.

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