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[TR] White Pass - Clear Creek Falls 12/13/2009

Peter Way

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Trip: White Pass - Clear Creek Falls


Date: 12/13/2009


Trip Report:

Derek and I went up to White Pass this weekend to see what ice is to be had up there, the news is not so good.


We looked at Strobach through the binoculars from across the lake and didn't bother to hike into it. There is some thin ice up but it looks bleached out. Maybe this warmer weather will bring a little moisture.


Saturday afternoon we drove up Hwy 410 towards Chinook Pass and climbed on a couple of short climbs on FR 19, WI 3-3+.


Sunday we went back to White Pass to look at Clear Creek Falls, we figgered it had been cold enough for it to be climbable. The Washington Ice Book was telling us it is 80 feet WI 3-4, what we found was completely different, so different that I think the author was climbing something else. What we climbed is a full 60 meters of overhung wet lose chandelier with bad to no protection WI 5-6 bastard. Hopefuly it will stay cold enough up there to continue to form up.


Have fun



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Was CC Falls only formed-up on the right like usual? All the times I've climbed it it's been a steep sick-fest with massive spray coming off the falls. Was that your tracks on Peakaboo and HT Falls? We were up there on early saturday morning and all day sunday... THe Little Naches is a little dry this year. Send me a PM if you all are headed up this way again.



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Thanks for letting me tie in with you guys on Saturday. Next time you make it over this way let me know, I would like to meet up with you agian.


Thought I would share a picture of Horsetail Falls from Saturday (12/12/09)




Thanks again,



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Clear Creek falls was only climbable on the right at the bottom, on the left it was totaly open. I had to climb about 20 meters then traverse left through very lose wet ice. I must have pulled down tons of it trying to find something firm. Hopefuly it will stay cold enough at White Pass for it to continue to form up.

I'm unforunatly not able to got back there till after the first week in Jan. I'd like to go to Levenworth.



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