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[TR] Sumallo Cirque - Zero Gully PSA 12/6/2009


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Trip: Sumallo Cirque - Zero Gully PSA


Date: 12/6/2009


Trip Report:

So, I marched into Sumallo Cirque yesterday to take a look at Zero Gully. Again. I chose Scandinavian comfort over the exhaust-free roar of my truck for the commute, so I had to park at the 3km sign and hoof it the rest of the way. The gate at the second bridge was wide open, with no sign of lock or pin. People had driven past there a bit, and I was on hard snowmobile tracks as far as the final road leading up into the cirque, managed about 1/3 from the car in approach shoes.


Bitterly cold, felt like my teeth were going to freeze at times, and I wore almost all of my clothes on the approach, being glad that I'd thrown in some mittens at the last minute.


Staggered and lurched up breakable crust and increasingly thickening and concerning windslab on a poorly consolidated layer of sugar until 5100' and the avi debris under the route. The route was loaded with new and wind transported snow, the winds were screaming up high, and the spindrift was coming down everywhere, and without a partner to dig for my corpse, I turned tail. Would have been beautiful 2-3 days ago, IMHO, but it's still there.


Routes around Hope are coming in nicely, Mouse Trap had the most ice of what you can see from the road.


Gear Notes:

iPod Shuffle

Void Spirit


Approach Notes:

Anyone know how long that road in is? I took about 5.5 hours getting to where I did, at a moderate pace, but if you went faster it would take less time.


Go right at every opportunity. Don't get suckered into going straight at the end of the last spur, take the hard right uphill, it's much easier than bushwhacking around the corner.

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We were thinking about Sumallo but figured the new snow was teh suck. Good to hear we were correct!


How did the ice below the NF of Silvertip look?


Silvertip is east of the notch east of Rideout, correct? If so, the ice looked anemic. There was a nice fat piece up high on the western aspect of that peak, but it would be a major slog to get to it. All kinds of steep ice all over Rideout but very endangered from above, at least yesterday.

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About three weeks too early for Sumallo Cirque routes as of today, although undoubtedly you could have scratched up if you like 2 inches of hoar frost over frozen gravel.


Of note is a huge new rock slide that came off the north face of Silvertip in the general Redlining the Fun Meter area. Probably happened in may/early June.

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I thought we could at least relive the near death experience after dodging the boxes full of wood someone lost on the hwy


then deciding to drive the truck over the quad trail embankment into the creek which nearly ended up with a roll over


The 1.5 hours of digging and 4 wheeling to get back out of the creek, which somehow managed to rip my tire from the rim and fill it up with mud and rock


The two kids who managed to flip their quad break their limbs and were standing in the middle of the road in shock.


The 9km of driving 5km an hour with one wailing beat up 15 year old girl and her 16 yr old broken arm and ribs moaning boyfriend packed in to the truck.


Then the longest wait ever for the ambulance all the while watching the truck slowly sink to the ground as the tire deflated...which meant creative jacking and blocking for an hour to get the tire off...



What a day...






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