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[TR] Cascades - Arrowhead 11/22/2009

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Trip: Cascades - Arrowhead


Date: 11/22/2009


Trip Report:

All these stories of new snow had friends and I apprehensive. It could be killer powder but there isn't much of a base. Nice smooth snow can have logs and rocks hiding out underneath. Also avy forecasts got our attention. We figured we should harvest some powder but stay away from big open slopes.


Cman, JH, and I decided to stick to territory we knew pretty well, so we skied towards Arrowhead. Somebody was nice enough to break some tracks to the upper clearcut, but then it was up to us.


The three of us were able to tag team trail breaking, but often breaking was through two feet of snow. Tree wells were only recently buried, and you could expose moats around boulders with ease. I found one funny section on the ascent. In order to stay out of a moat I had to undercling a boulder.


We got up high on the peak, but rising winds and our worry about avalanche caused us to declare a high point and start shredding.


Two feet of powder is always nice, maybe not by Aspen standards, but who cares.











Fun times! [img:center]http://www.danbbs.dk/~rep/pictures/animation/skianim.gif[/img]


Gear Notes:

Snow sliding gear is advised

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Definitely no parking there anymore...


Looking back at Arrowhead and Jim Hill from Rock Mtn a couple weekends ago, there looks to be a cool ridge traverse between the two peaks, if you're into that sort of thing.

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No parking at the tunnel entrance. You need to be creative, and have a good idea about what will get you busted.

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I almost forgot to post my sick video!


Next time i'll take some video of the steeper skiing so you guys look more hardcore. :grin:

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Greg Stump says Reggae and skiing are a natural fit. Good choice of music.


Hope the soft snow returns soon. If not, I can tolerate a little sun ;).

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