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my "climbing" site


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Hey boys and girls, here you go http://kar404.50megs.com/

its more about weight gain and getting hits than climbing . Can anyone hook me up with a good add agency? I need a couple o' HR people and maybe an IT person to make me see the light. Or,alternatively, you could look at some kinda cool shots on a rainy saturday.If you live in Ballard you will recognize some stuff.And( ego talking) the alpine section encompasses ALL the alpine climbing I've done! heh.

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Scott p: thanks for the beta in the first place about the zipper!You will note the sewing of a doily! Watch the birdie!

Al pine: The first is some climb you can toprope from the Zippper at the far right of the upper walll at Index. You walk past ALL the hard climbs and then you get there! The climb is screwed and crazy to lead and sandbagged and total Index.The second shot is the second( or first if combinded) pitch of Roger's corner. Breakfast of the champions is above and highly reccomended!


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