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Eric Simonson Live on Spokeradio.com


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Originally posted by hikerwa:
I am not sure as to most of that, you can ask him yourself on wednesday. Next wednesday the 27th will be John Roskelley live at 11am.

And you can all ask him for huntin' and shootin' tips. Isnt Pope John Roskelly?

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Hikerwa: I'm too shy to call into your talk-show, but could you ask this Simonson-guy a few questions?

"Why is your nickname "Simo"? Who the hell came up with that one?"

"Do you date supermodels?"

Here's an Opra-esque question he might enjoy answering: "If you could be any piece of rock pro, would you be a #7 hex, a #9 stopper, or one of them itty-bitty little #0 R.P.'s? Why?"

"Do you know Big Lou?"

And as for you, imorris, where did you get that picture of my girlfriend training for the Ice Capades?

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