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Chronicles of Mountain Dew (Month TWO)

Mountain Dew

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Month 2

Day 1





Month 1 wt



Month 2 wt



Great news for all of you who get tired of seeing me post so much LOL


I am only going to do weekly updates for this month. Posting daily my 1st month sure helped a lot to keep myself motivated to lose wt and start getting in shape, but I think now I am pretty much in a groove and will just post weekly :)


Thanks for all your help and encouragment; Couldn't of did it without all of you!!


See you in a week, have a great one :rocken:



to be cont...

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A whole month gone by, and not a whole lot to report to be honest with you. My medical problem has been a pain in my A$$ most of the month.


My new years resolution will be to have it checked out if it is not better by then.


As far as excercise the last time I walked was Nov 1st, so it has been 3 weeks without any walking. On and off I have been doing my home made stair stepper. I increased the time to 45min instead of 30. Bad news is though, every time I do it, by problem flares up.


So I am just waiting patiently for that to blow over before getting "back on the horse".


I am still doing good with my eating, and even rewarding myself once a week so that way I am not starving myself or just eating foods I don't really enjoy.


Drinking... well, that is another story. I had to quit drinking mixed drinks because it is too dang expensive. So I went back to beer for the cost. I am trying to limit my intake though and only drink my fill on the weekend ;)


My weight as you can imagine has not dropped a whole lot because of lack of excercise. BUT, because of eating right, etc, I still have lost a little bit...


My new Wt is:





So that is a total of 23 pounds lost since I started 2 months ago :)


Hope all of you are doing great! Still come on a few times a week to read and always enjoy reading the TR's. Stay safe this winter everyone and have a great Turkey Day!!! :moondance:

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