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Madrone Wall- public hearing- 10/22/09


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This upcoming public hearing was mentioned last winter/spring with the timeline that the County had provided, and was posted in this forum. Now the time for the hearing has finally arrived. Note below that the "hours of operation" that they County is proposing the park will be open is a DRAFT. The site still remains closed to public access.


If you cannot attend the meeting ( most of us cannot), then feel free to submit your comments to the contact below before the hearing date.


The Conditional Use Application is for Clackamas County to add a "conditional use" on a zoned timber site. The conditional use is for recreational opportunities (climbing, hiking, etc) on a timber site. This hearing would not change what the property is zoned for. A select timber harvest may still happen on site with recreation still taking place.


The public did provide feedback to the County almost a year ago to NOT harvest ANY of the timber.


Madrone Wall Park: Notice of Public Hearing




Date: 22 October 2009, Thursday


Time: Not to begin before 9:00 a.m., however, it may begin later depending on the length of preceding items


Location: Development Services Building, Auditorium, 150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City, Oregon City 97045


What: A Conditional Use Permit application has been proposed by Clackamas County Parks to establish a new County park – Hardscrabble Quarry/Madrone Wall, on 43.99 acres in the Timber zone. The proposal includes: parking spaces for 20 vehicles, bike parking, one vault toilet, trails for all levels of visitors from ADA to advanced hikers, Madrone Wall for climbing, interpretive signs, trailhead kiosk and an improved overlook above the Madrone Wall. The park will be open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., April through October and from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., November through March. The park will be open for day use only. Access to the property is from Highway 224.


All interested citizens are invited to attend the hearing. An agenda will be provided at the hearing. Testimony and evidence should address criteria identified above. Specific questions about the Public Hearing process are directed to Sandy Ingalls, SandyIng@co.clackamas.or.us, 503/742-4532 (Planning Division Staff Contact).


In the 12 year fight to preserve and re-establish recreational access to the Madrone Wall, this is the ONLY time formal public testimony has EVER been solicited by Clackamas County. If you feel strongly about the future of the Madrone Wall, please come and present your testimony at this Public Hearing.




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And just to clarify...


This hearing is different than a public meeting or the "town hall" type meetings that have been held in the past. I've been told that a hearings officer will actually run the meeting. Any land use folks out there who can help me clarify it better?


This Conditional Use Application Hearing is just one of the steps that the County has to go through in regards to making this zoned timber site a park.

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Keith attended today's hearing. In a voicemail he left me, he was one of 3 speakers this morning. Not sure how many actually attended though. All 3 spoke in support with moving forward with the "conditional use." No one spoke against. Phew!


The Hearings Officer who ran today's meeting will have a decision within 2 weeks.


Katie Dunham ( County Planner), stated at the end of the meeting that one of the ways to limit the construction costs is to have the road in from Hwy 224 be a 16 ft wide, single lane, with pull outs, instead of a 22 ft wide 2-lane road. This would decrease the amount of excavation, and reduce construction costs for building the gravel road in from the highway to the parking area.


Keith felt that the hearing went well.


More to come!

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