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Originally posted by terrible ted:

It's funny how you have the time to search out and post numerous photographs illustrating all sorts of outdoor endeavors, but no time nor inclination to figure out what the word "scramble" means. Is that so you can clamber upon your soapbox to piously proclaim "I just wanted her to explain what she meant..." while lobbing a long abusive string at her? Somehow, I suspect you may actually have already known what she meant... Congratulations, asshole, you're a real live bully. Fortunately, you apparantly have a posse.


No wonder this site has such a poor reputation. Someone posts looking for a partner, and pretty much unleashes a vicious string of bullshit.


Either that, or when sounding out the word s-c-r-a-m-b-l-e you heard the word s-p-r-a-y.



doesn't take long to find photos that you yourself have taken on your own "scrambling" and "not scrambling" adventures.


where is this abusive string? By my analysis of this unfortunate thread Dru offers to make Karen breakfast in response #16, she accepts in response #17, a happy beginning [Roll Eyes] . Then in response #35 Karen called Dru a masterbater in response to him asking her to clarify what she means by scrambling. She didn't even attempt to answer that question until response #55 and Dru says something negative about her for the first time in response #63.


Obviously I have too much time on my hands

[Roll Eyes]


I would have thought the most logical response would have been for her to suggest some destinations or routes that she considers scrambles.


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As usual...FERN RULZ!!!!! [big Grin][Wink]


and cavey my point being... I would probably totaly LOVE alpine... but I am slow and week and would get every one killed, so untill I get faster and stronger.... I will crag [Wink]


craghag [Razz]


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I think I answerd the query about what scrambling. Destinations? any peak or ridge or any where you want to go. depending on what you feel like doing at that moment.. Rock climbing usually means the same thing only once you get theer you use protection.. The Pacific Northwest has any of the following. You can scramble Guye Peak , You can scramble Mt Stuart, Spent the summer running ridges just for the hell of it. What you are asking me is different.. What have you done?. If Dru was asking me to come on out that is fine . But if some one tries to bully me well... that is different

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Hey Karen I learned by reading Petzl catalogs and thrashing around the mtns in major failure. It's a great way to learn now that I look back on it.


I met lots of people and learned a lot. My partners were always as clueless as I still am.


Also I have met people that dont like to "technically climb" that's a stupid definition sometimes but whatever..


Just get out there and take photos and see the mountains like I would and you will have a great time.


I scramble too. My 2 favorite scrambles are MT Si and Mt Shuksan. Check em out if you haven not.

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Scrambling, rock, alpine, on trail or off route, it's all outside, fairly strenuous, adventurous....yes, don't let the elitism get you down. There are a lot of cool people on this site. And yes, there is a ton of challenging and cool stuff that can be done without a rope. It's all good! [big Grin]

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