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alpine climbing August 17-18?


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Hi all,


Is anyone interested in doing some kind of 2-day alpine climb over the

weekend of Aug. 17-18? I'm looking for a partner. Some possibile

destinations include the N. Face of Mount Maude or maybe something

on Mount Shuksan. I'm open to other ideas as well. The goal is to climb

something moderately challenging, but without any real 5th class rock climbing (and no, this is not a contradiction in terms).


I can contribute: two 50m x 9mm "half" ropes, ample pickets, a little

2-man bivy tent, an XGK stove, and a Jeep to the cause.


You should have: experience doing sustained climbing of 50-degree

snow/ice, and a conservative attitude about safety in the hills.


If interested, please e-mail me at:


sramsey __at__ speakeasy.org



Steve Ramsey

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Actually it sounds like conditions on the N. Face of Maude are not so good. So maybe some route on Mt. Shuksan (e.g., Fisher's Chimneys) or Mt. Baker (N. Ridge or Roman Moustache) would be a possible alternative.


Really, I'm just hoping to get out there in the hills. Got car, rope and tools.


Anyone interested?

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