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9.5% Unemployment. Well Done, Obama.


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He really doesn't have a clue, does he.


..and neither do you, apparently. Did you already forget about the fucked up administration that set all this in motion? I'm trying real hard to, but it seems the republiturds choose to ignore the past 8 yrs in favor of bashing a guy who has just gotten started. Idiots, all of you!


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He really doesn't have a clue, does he.


So is this a troll like you do when you walk down Broadway in Seattle with you little dick hanging out? Or troll as in the mythical monster under the Fremont bridge?


Or are you still just a sore loser? If unemployment is worse at this time next year, then you can bitch and I'll join you.

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If unemployment is worse at this time next year, then you can bitch and I'll join you.
We're talking $1.8tn in spending (printing, actually) six months in, and the unemployment rate is still rising dramatically. Add to this his industry-killing cap-and-trade bill and you have what is commonly referred to as a moron steering the ship. The guy has no clue.
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I think we're still a step up in quality from having Gilligan at the helm for the past 8 years. Time will tell; if things suck half as bad as you predict in four years time, I'll help vote him out. Maybe by then the GOP will have some rational ideas to contribute- doubt it though. Given that, I'm hoping what he's doing will work and at this point, barring any alternatives, I'm willing to give it a chance. I don't think anything being proposed by either party would fix the problems we have in the short term.

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I don't think anything being proposed by either party would fix the problems we have in the short term.


The $$$$ he promised from thin air that would provide salvation have predictably upset the faith-based nature of our economy. He's taking us all to his utopia without a map or a plan.

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I'll admit this much- I'm skeptical. I spent all eight years of Bush detesting his policies but also hoping that he knew something that we didn't. I was wrong.


At this point Obama's got a few years and like it or not he's going to do his thing- I'm hoping it works, through my skepticism.


A map and a plan would actually contradict a faith based economy, wouldn't it?the truth is we are in uncharted territory now, no one really knows what will happen. I think the reality of things is that much of the "wealth" of this country has been an illusion (see the debt thread) and for us to return to a sustainable and realistic model, there will be no choice but a reduction in the standard of living- at least in terms of consumerism and available choices in the market. As in, people paying as they go.


And indeed the gov't doesn't seem to be setting a good example in that regard, but in some respect the capital may prove necessary to get things moving.


Bottom line- if what Obama is doing doesn't work, then the real trouble will begin.

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After Sarah Palin resigned Fairweather was the third person to sign on to her 2012 fan club/election committee.


I'm sure after she officially resigns she'll take a nice vacation including helicopter flights in Siberia plugging wolves and praising the lord.


Fairweather will keep us posted.

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The only thing I like less than Sarah Palin are addled-moderators who allow--and even participate in--the kind of nastiness we saw pre election:


Some Feck Quotables:


"lipstick saves the day... she can play the whore ... just enough.

lipstick saves the day... russia she sees from her house..she is tough..


if i was a moron,heck i would vote for her and dipstick.

at least they can garantee war.


dipstick wants to rule... he was a hero...in war he believes..

without it he is unknown...

dipstick has no depth but the oil .


McCain is a dried up, mummified, moldering, half-dead, wrinkly, prune-faced, shouldn't be driving, poopy-drawered, Metamucil drinking, prescription drug popping, liver-spotted, rotten toothed, haggard, wizened, varicosed, walker needing, red scooter driving, Clapper using, Lawrence Welk listening, Matlock watching, vestigial head growing out of the side of his face old coot!


Look at The Incubator; their new mascot. She's stridently, confidently and aggressively ignorant on just about every issue of national importance. The woman couldn't change course if she wanted to; she doesn't even realize she's on a ship. Does she even know what a ship is, for that matter?


Harsh man. I don't think porn sluts deserve that type of comparison.


Every time I see this ho-bag I can't help but think she looks like the "naughty librarian" from some B-rate porn flick. Unfortunately she doesn't seem much more intelligent than your average porn slut either.


In other words, the perfect GOP pick for second in command; a fucking moron.



Who installed your breasts?


What would be so bad about letting the daughter get a little older and letting her get to know the sperm donor a little more before getting hitched? Oh, that's right, because otherwise it's a sin.


None of this would have happened if only she was wearing a burka


Bristol isn't really pregnant this time. She really is Trig's mother and when the McCain Camp found out that Sarah had pretended to be pregnant and falsely claimed the child to be her own, the McCain's invented this new pregnancy to quell the rumors.


News sources are reporting that the "child" is a product of incest. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.



She is fodder now. Her mother knew it going into the acceptance speech.


What else do you expect from a secessionist.


One has to have a defective brain to be a republican these days. They're just wrong on everything.


Nobody even brought up the pictures of Bristol drinking the Captain Morgans....Her little kiddo is gonna be named Morgan...cuz she's got a little captain in her...


Well, if she picks up cocaine and sticks with the booze, 20 years and she'll be the Prez...


Can you say "teen bukkake???"


Long term consequences of actions mean nothing to a young kid who wants to fuck.


irony is funny

hilarious means funny

the palin daughter is preggo thang is ironic

so the palin daughter preggo thang is hilarious


gotta give the stupid award to bristol on this one...


gary's a tool, but a 17 year old who can't figger out birthcontrol is a fuckin' moron


i think he's trying to throw the election...or he wants in Palin's pants...


There are photos on the net that show Bristol Palin and

her friends holding alcohol but so far no drugs. Did her

Mom And Dad know or care that she was a party girl?


"One day you're awkwardly humping away in a backseat after the hockey game; the next you're standing next to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee at his party's convention.


Looks like McCain's got 'em a big ole chaw tucked in his cheek...or a giant tumor...or a vestigial twin emerging.


Oh be fair now, this young mans dreams of "I don't want kids" and being a "fuckin redneck" are now shattered because he made the mistake of pulling the goalie.


That is so f*kin' redneck!


It's exciting to see republicans finally sucking McCock.


She may win the election but she will also denigrate the process once again.








Hey man, lay off Hot Lips. She's hot. Way hotter than Mitt Romney.


I'll bet she looks good in a blue dress. Hmmmmmmm....


you have a very old man, and (well, not to be crass, but frankly speaking) a MILF FROM ALASKA!


Damn!! Kind of cute, until she had five kids, and decided that she was a Republican...


All I see is "country dough face"....


Funny...where's the 5th kid? Guess the mongoloid and 'pro-life politics' don't mix.


Nobody should refer to her as a MILF, but in this case a GILF.


Dude, that place is like oatmeal . . . lumpy, bland, and grey.


The guy has malignant melanoma, and apparently his brain is going because he could not remember how many houses he has. That and all of the other stressors involved with destroying humanity means that statistically he is going to die very very soon. As for that women... she should just drive her ATV off a cliff.


the repugnicans are fucking crusading kooks...i wish they'd just drink the koolade already...


I thought Hot Lips' speech was great, she looks smoking hot with those glasses on. She reminds me of a high school friend's hot mom!


No she's not going to be the president unless McDumbshit wins the election then kicks the bucket in office.


She is an example of McDumbshit's decision making ability. It makes him look dumber than the idiot he already was.


she has assigned the job of family management to her husband. apparently she needed to hire someone else for the job


Lets see.....she allowed her teenage daughter to be alone with her boyfriend where he fucked her. Good managing.


McCain doesn't look like he's going to make it through the next 5 minutes much less a presidential term.


you don't lose your girlfriend in Alaska, just your turn...


Maybe her son was just jealous because she was exploiting Bristol to score all the political points.


"Pork my daughter and meet the next president on national TV"


Also remember that little thing called slavery? good enough for palin i guess.


That was money well spent! She looked like a cross between the mother on Bewitched and Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS.


Not all retards are evil!!


At least she's not a Proud Injun.


Soooo, we're supposed to admire her cuz she's got two dumb kids?


The disenfranchised Hillary set is really going to flock to a militant pro-life, NRAtard, polar bear killing driller like Palin . . . Good choice John.


It will also draw that aging Dungeons and Dragons constituency that has lost Ron Paul.


It all depends on how shes "polling" right now


I bet she was knocked up by Cheney's daughter!!


Nice airbrushed mascara though.




As for Bristol, well, um, I'm probably the father. Did I omit that from my TR? Not to worry; the consent age in Alaska is, like, 9. I fucked the lights out of Mom, too, but the mongoloid kid...definitely not mine


Bristol didn't have much experience, and she got the job done.




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Where, where the Hell is Bill?

Where, where the Hell is Bill?

Where, where the Hell is Bill?

Where, where the Hell is Bill?

Well, maybe he went to get a sideways haircut

Maybe he went to get a striped shirt

Maybe he went to get some plastic shoes

Maybe he went to get some funny sunglasses

Well, maybe he went to get an Air Force parka

Maybe he went to get a Vespa scooter

Maybe he went to get a British flag

Maybe he went to go Mod Ska dancing

Well, maybe he went to get a mohawk

And maybe he went to get some gnarly thrash boots

Maybe he went to go ride his skateboard

Maybe he went to see the Circle Jerks

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After Sarah Palin resigned Fairweather was the third person to sign on to her 2012 fan club/election committee.


I'm sure after she officially resigns she'll take a nice vacation including helicopter flights in Siberia plugging wolves and praising the lord.


Fairweather will keep us posted.


Actually, this is what FW posted about SP's resignation only a few lines above you fucktard. The pigeon-holing is fucking tiresome.


"I see Sarah Palin just resigned as AK Gov. If she's nominated to run in 2012, we're looking at the end of the Republican Party."


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FW, why were you never this hard on Bush? He inherited the presidency with a SURPLUS.


You are mistaken. Do you understand the difference between the national debt and annual deficits? While Clinton may have reaped the benefits of Republican congressional fiscal restraint post 1994--which resulted in good budgets for 1999 and 2000--he left the presidency with the nation still around 5 trillion in debt. There was never a "surplus" as you claim. One party rule from 2001-2006 nearly doubled this debt, and I've bashed Bush for this often. But note that while Bush's annual deficits ran around $400+ billion, Obama's budget for next year already runs $1.8 trillion in excess of revenue forecasts--4 times what Bush was running up. The U.S. bond rating is about to take a big hit because of this. Do you think this is responsible?

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I find it interesting how people who complain about deficit spending never seem to complain about defense spending.


You wring your hands about how "irresponsible" it is for Obama to borrow money for economic stimulus, but we spend more on "defense" than the next ten nations combined (maybe the entire rest of the world). Not only that, but our military escapades have by all accounts been generally ill-conceived since WWII. Where's the call for responsibility?

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You know you're a loser when:


You spend hours digging through Fecks posts collecting the gems that support your "thesis". Or perhaps you were collecting them all along, Joe Six Pack?


"Republicunt"...that's a good one, but super-offensive to cunts across the world. Tone it down, Feck.

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If McCain had won, we would have spent that much invading Iran by now. Or was it North Korea?


Oh hell let's invade em both.


Sadly FW, what you do not understand is that the republican party, and democracy as our fathers knew it, ended with the Reagan era.

Palin would be a great representative of today's republican party. And I predict that you and Kaska will back her just like you backed GW and Dick-for-brains.

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