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best of cc.com [TR] Assguard Pass - Assguard Pass Std. Route 6/21/2009

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Trip: Assguard Pass - Assguard Pass Std. Route


Date: 6/21/2009


Trip Report:

Went up to Colchuck to try our metal on the Cascade jewel Assguard Pass.



Our objective:



Who doesn't want a piece of this?






We whooped up yelps of Alpine Joy to be on such a route



Some hideous stack of rocks that surround this beauty







This is what we came for








Until we meet again fair lady



Some other junk we saw











get sum


Gear Notes:

tennis shoes

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One gear note: I did not consume any natural food on this climb. I subsisted soley off of energy gels, goo packets, red bull, 5 hour energy ("5 hour foot longs" should be the next cialis or viagra commercial btw) and other chemicals. i know mixing these substances is dangerous, but it had to be done in the name of science.

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I (we) spent saturday testing our mettle on this untamed alpine hardman testpiece. I suffered a tweaked knee while attempting to jump across a gap and slipping at the same time while trying to avoid falling 7 feet headfirst onto a boulder. Water bottle in hand with yoghurt bars went flying everywhere. We should have aided this section but my hardman partner insisted we simul-solo this. His fault not mine. We met a couple who looked forlorn sitting on some rocks. I told them I had just peed on a goats head. (True story with picture proof) They told us they were lost. "Where are you guys headed?" Them: "The Enchantments" Me: (Looking upward then back at them) "Nice" Assguard Pass claims three more victims of its selfish chossy satanic desire. I'll be back Assguard. And next time I'll send hard.

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we were not without injury





not to mention my mental scars


Forgive me for being an armchair mountaineer, but if you're not going to rope up, shouldn't you have at least worn some kneepads?

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Holy Shit I'm glad you got outta there alright... you better have carried a SPOT beacon...


those are some scary rocks in the pictures...

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with a little bit more practice you'll get some knee callusses, they will be useful elsewhere too

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Hey, if you guys keep spraying on Jake's poor lil TR he may never post another one! No no no, I didn't mean that as encouragement.

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