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Microbe Awakens After 120,000 Years Under the Ice


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Microbe Awakens


The thing I don't understand is how this can be when the world is only 4,000 years old.


Orders of ignorance is arguable (witness: Kevbone), but the resultant biases, which occur in everyone, will always leave you red-faced. You may well have found yourself in the clatch that discounted Monsignor Georges Lemaître.


The bacteria is an interesting find. Though, the microbe may not have been "asleep" to be "awakened".

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String theory is so 20th century. It's M-theory now dumbass. That or LQG.


"However, some scientists have questioned the tangible successes of M-theory given its current incompleteness, and limited predictive power, even after so many years of intense research."


"LQG" ?! That's just loopy.

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