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To escape the Toxic Shock crowd yesterday, we scurried around the corner to "Happy Puppy" 5.9 and "Who Put the Purr in My Pussy" 5.8 and were well rewarded with two fun climbs.


The chimney section of "Happy Puppy" was so sparkly clean! Must have been recently scrubbed? Thanks to whoever put in the hard work. :tup: The finish is dirty but don't let that stop you from checking out this fine line.


"Who Put the Purr in My Pussy" was in decent shape. It looks dirtier than it really is. We didn't encounter any loose rock(the guidebook warns of loose flakes near the top). Both climbs share a rap station(slings w/biners around a tree).


Anyone been on "Behind the Eightball" (200 ft past Toxic Shock")recently? From the ground, this one looked pretty grimy.

I remember this day with you! What a blast from the past (assuming my memory isn't playing tricks with me...)!

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Lookout Direct , be aware that we are cleaning on this route during the weekends and will be posting a sign after crossing the bridge when we are working. P1,P2,P4 have some cleaning still but will be in good shape for the next climbing season. LD will have two var for the fourth pitch one being 5.8 and the other in the 5.11 range.House of the Seventh Bobcat is the yellow line in the attached photo and is very clean but the fisrt pitch needs a little more work. Eventually I will have some topos for these routes with gear and rap beta. Solitude awaits the fourth ascent and is still pretty clean, but I will be giving it a look before spring to make sure it is in good shape.



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