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Climber left injured all night in PDX city limits

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How is it that I get this call from my brother and not from you folks. You know I get my news here! I was just out there belaying Ujahn tonight. (Have my own leg issues, just not whining like this guy. :grin: Seriously, glad the guys ok, must have been a long night. Anyone know him or what exactly happened?


Hiker Splints Leg, Waits 14 Hours For Help


POSTED: 6:51 am PDT May 28, 2009

UPDATED: 10:31 am PDT May 28, 2009


PORTLAND, Ore. -- A climber who suffered a broken leg in a 20-foot fall survived a long night in the woods after his screams for help went unanswered Monday.


Alex Edington said he was climbing down the face of Rocky Butte in The Grotto in northeast Portland on Sunday night. About 20 feet from the bottom, he lost his grip.


"Shortest way down Rocky Butte is straight down, (so) I tried to climb down it. I ended up holding onto a root that didn't hold and falling," he said.


Edington landed feet first, but his left leg buckled from the impact. He broke his femur, his foot and suffered a compound fracture to his lower leg.


"I knew that something bad had happened and I was afraid to look," Edington said. "When I looked, I could actually see the bone in the side of my leg sticking out."


In severe pain and with his leg bleeding, Edington said instinct took over. He tore his T-shirt and boxers, grabbed some sticks and splinted his own leg. He said he tried to reinforce his lower leg so the bone "wouldn't be popping out of the side."


"I just kind of went into survival mode," Edington said.


With little daylight left, he tried to stand up on his other leg, but the pain was too intense.


Edington screamed for help. He said a group of transients were nearby, but his calls went unanswered.


"I kept yelling and yelling," Edington said. "Finally, I gave up and just decided to stay the night."


The following morning, his yell was finally heard and someone at a nearby BMX track called 911.


"When I finally knew I was going to get help, it was like the sweetest relief," Edington said.


Edington survived what he described as the longest and most painful night of his life. He said he didn't sleep more than two minutes.


He was hospitalized in serious condition at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. Aside from injuries to his leg, Edington suffered a partially collapsed lung and a ruptured disc in his back, but he plans to make a full recovery.



"I'm thankful -- it could have been worse," he said. "It could have been a lot worse."


He said there's a lot to be determined about his recovery, but he regained feeling in his toes Tuesday."

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spending the night in the woods seems to be all the rage for oregonians this week.


at least the media seems to be calling them hikers, and not climbers



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Did I miss another story Jeff? Does it seem that he must have been downclimbing that short section by the tunnel that access Blackberry Jam? (closest to the BMXers) If so, that would be 3 climbers falling off of that thing, I know of 2 others, one was a CC.com member who was climbing out with a group of CC.comers.



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the others I was referring to were hikers getting lost up by the salmon river, near welches. 2 day hikers got lost monday & were rescued on wednesday. then another 2 day hikers got lost on wednesday & were rescued on thursday, in nearly the same area.



that scramble near the tunnel seems like a likely place for this guy to have fallen 20 feet.

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"Aside from injuries to his leg, Edington suffered a partially collapsed lung and a ruptured disc in his back, but he plans to make a full recovery."



wow, so this is how medicine works these days?


"Well son, you've had a nasty fall. How much recovery do you feel like having? Just tell the nurse, she'll write it up on your chart there."

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