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6/15-6/16 in Darrington


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Originally posted by Bronco:

Hey Greg:


Don't you think goin climbin on fathers day is a good way to get locked out of the house and have to bivy on the couch when you get in?

As a father, Father's Day is MY day. Our philosophy is that Father should spend HIS day as HE's would like (climbed The Brothers two years ago). Thus, as climbing brings me much joy that is what I want to do. Plus, I come home in a good mood and all benefit!!!


So, that said, I am still looking for some fellow gapers who want to climb in Darrington this weekend...Anyone?.......Anyone?....Bueler?


Greg [big Drink]


[ 06-11-2002, 01:52 PM: Message edited by: Greg W ]

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Originally posted by sk:

climb on!!! wife and family should bring joy, not be a burden
[big Grin]
everyone needs time and space to themselves, especialy parents

what is this "space to themselves" thing you are speaking of? I live in a single wide with 38 children, cousins, (sometimes the same) brothers, sisters and various relations. Fathers day for me means I get to use the crapper first and hold the remote control, ALL DAY!!! Who hooo! [big Grin]

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