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Madrone Wall Clean up & Restoration event - 5/16


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I had posted this under Access, but it has not seen many views...


Saturday May 16 from 10 am - 1pm.

Meet at Carver Park by 9:45 ( drive across the bridge to the Carver Boat Ramp), and we'll carpool to the site.

Bring whatever tools you have for clipping ivy, clematis, scotch broom, and blackberry brambles (label your tools if you can). There is poison oak, but it's mostly up near the cliffs. Bring work gloves and water. Climb Max will be putting on a BBQ afterwards for volunteers at Carver Park.


We did not see much garbage for the wildflower tour 2 weeks back, but there might be some.


Send me a PM if you need more details. And no, there won't be any climbing afterwards! Sorry!





What's the status? It's rather short and sweet, and there have not been many update since I posted in the Access Forum back in March. You can look there for more details.


1) Clackamas County filed the Conditional Use Application (CUP) for the State of Oregon to allow recreation ( a conditional use) on a zoned timber site. A public hearing will take place on the CUP, and anyone can attend. We're waiting for the date, time and location of that hearing...

2) Clackamas County also filed (or is doing that right now) the Local Government Grant for $100K with OR State Parks. It will be a matching grant with the $100K that the County is fronting. We'll need this grant to get started on the construction next Summer 2010.

3) If all goes well with the hearing and the grant, Clackamas County should start taking construction bids in the Winter.


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