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climbing pictures!


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i wish i lived near granite :(


erik...i know that you live in WA, but is there even any granite in OR?


that granite wall near the salem boulders looks like a mini index



at ny rate, i mean w/n a quick drive - basalt is cool n' all, bur granite has a certain grandeur, no?

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All photos February 2009


P5 Austrian Route, Aguja de la S; FitzRoy range 6a



(L to R) Aguja de la S; St. Exupery; Rafeal Juarez (Inominata)



Poincenot and Fitz Roy from bivy for Aguja de la S



P2 Objectivo Luna 5.10b; El Cohete; Bariloche (Frey), Argentina



P4 bombay exit on Naca Naca, Crunch Crunch 5.10a; El Abuelo; Bariloche (Frey), Argentina


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Nice stuff up there! Weekend closer to home.


This is what the knee looked like Saturday Am 2 days after the stitches have been taken out.



I was going to sit around and watch my bros climb, thinking a 2 block walk from the car after a 25 min drive from the house would be OK. Instead, I carpooled with Kyle and everyone else slept in or went someplace dry Saturday. So I wa pressed into belaying and following Kyle on his FA. Kyle did a masterful job of "stitching" cams in horizontal flakes there.



Sunday, I was only going to go for a short hike into a place @ 50 min from my house, and watch 2 buddies climb. Instead the road is snowed in about a mile below th trail head and the short hike becomes a couple miles longer in the slush. Normally this would have meant nothing.....


Fortunately, I'm with 2 guys and get out of belay and climb duty so I took these pics of Adam leading pitch 2 on the 2nd ascent of the bolted crack "Jimmies Favorite" out at Jimmies. Kenny is in the pic belaying.




Here's a closer look:



8 bolts, no gear just draws/slings, upgraded to 5.10B.

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