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Best (non-technical) Peak to do with my dog.


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Hey all,


So the wife is taking off and I have free playtime in April. Any suggestions for peaks where I can take up my dog? Preferably on the East side of the Cascades.


OR.... good routes do-able with a dog where I could scope out real lines.


Are dogs allowed into the Stuarts?



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I have a Border Collie who I have taken to the top of Mt. Baker, South twin sister near B-Ham----South Sister near Bend-----He has also been near the top of Elderado---early season. Other peaks have also included Mt. Pue, Sloan, as well as many peaks in the South West BC range------Having a smalled dog with lots of energy like a Border Collie is almost preferable-----at 40 pounds he is big enough to go the distance but no so big that I can't belay or help him-----I made a Dog Harness so that I could belay him over scetchy areas or when absolutely needed--haul the poor guy-----Overall the dog has loved it----now at 9 I can no longer take him so now I have another Border Collie pup to continue the tradition.


Many of the mountains listed should only be done early season--to avoid conflict and restrictions---dogs are not allowed in many of the areas listed.


In the backcountry you have to have a well trained dog that listens to you and will stop when you say or even better with a hand signal----I saved my dog many times by having him stop sit and come avoiding a cliff or other hazard. Please train your dog not to bark---sure fire way to get in trouble with the rangers and other hikers.

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I've taken my dog to the top of Adams a couple of times now (a husky). Up near lunch counter she took off past where I could see her and disappeared for a bit. I cursed under my breath as I took off after her, but found her sitting in the middle of 5 hot girls camped out, having lunch. I didn't stay mad at her for very long.

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it seems like the entire snoq pass would be doable for you. Maybe the walkup of guye peak and or snoq peak. Granite peak mclelans butte.


for the leavenworht area, what is the peak that you see from colcuck lake? The one above 8 mile lake and use the TH that you pass to get to stuart lake TH? I would bet that trail is dog friendly. I think it is out of the dog restricive area. Cannon Mtn?



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You can't really scope out real lines from there but Nason Ridge offers outstanding views of peaks from Glacier Peak to the Stuart Range. By mid-April I bet the trail up Rock Mountain is dry for the first 2000 feet and your dog can make it to the summit but up high it will probably feel like real mountains with steep snow and cornices and such.

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