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What type of climber are you?


Types of Climbing  

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  1. 1. Types of Climbing

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Check all that apply.


Check all the types of climbing you do. Not what you have done only once or twice, but the types of climbing you regularly persue.


For example, if you've only climbed ice once or twice and hate it, don't check it. But if you've gone sport climbing only once and loved it and plan to do it more, then check it...If you traditional climb every day, then obviously check it...

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Interesting results. I expected sport to have the most votes, followed by traditional, bouldering, ice, mixed in that order. I see that is obviously not the case.


I was trying to just include the basic types of climbing. If you consider yourself more of an "alpine climber" then that could fall under traditional, ice, or mixed, or all.



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Missing following option (I know it's hard to include everybuddy in a poll - whaddya do?)


Bowl-smokin', whiskey-drinkin in the AM, pool-of-rope-on-the-ground-while-you're-leadin', sport-epicin', bold-as-fuck, off-the-couch-sendin', clear-the-crag with-vitriolic-spewin' climber!

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