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photo contest winners for my book


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Congrats to John Scurlock on making the cover shot!

Dirtharry gets in the text, as does FGW, 111, and Tazz.


I'll send y'all a PM, but if I forget, email me so I can get your full name in the photo credit and your address to send a copy.


Thanks! I had plenty of shots of my own, but I'm glad some PNW'ers can strut their stuff.

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and I'm very close to being done.

I just need to get some illustrations from PNW's very own Zac Reisner, edit the cover, and solicit $$ from gear companies for a few ads in the back. I'm guessing May 1st....


It's looking great and is around 250 pages with a shit ton of photos.

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Just waiting on a few illustrations by our very own Zac Reisner and it will be ready to send to the printers. Of course I ran out of moolah, so it may be only available online for a bit. It's looking good, and the winners will still be getting their free copies!

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