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I just had another pleasant conversation with Bruce Berry, John McGowan's assistant at the Oak Creek Wildlife Area, across the street from Royal Columns. The annual eagle nesting closure went into effect on Sunday, February 1, and is in effect now for the reach of the Tieton River Trail from the Tim Pond Wall to the west (upstream) end of The Bend. This closure includes all points uphill of the trail, not just the trail itself. So that there is no confusion, that means the cliffs are closed to climbing. It is also STRICTLY VERBOTTEN to cross the bridges at Royal Columns or at the quonset hut.


The closure will be in effect until the pair of golden Eagles nest (if they do), at which time the closure will be limited to a 300-yard-radius around their nest. Normally, this will allow most of the trail to be opened and access to certain cliffs or parts thereof. It has been John’s and Bruce's experience that the eagles are migrating upstream a little further each year. In recent years, the upstream limit of the trail closure would terminate at the metal suspension bridge used to access The Bend. You could go right (upstream) to Moon Rocks, but the trail was closed to the left. Or you could just go on up and use the wooden box bridge at Moon Rocks to get there.


So the upshot is if you want to climb in the Tieton River Canyon, go upstream of The Bend. You can start your climbing at Moon Rocks or further upstream and you’ll be all good. And if you see any eagles or falcons up the canyon, be a good steward of wildlife and call John or Bruce at 509-653-2390 and let them know. Remember, we can all get along!


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Or perhape it attracts a more mature type of climber :)

ha-ha, but it sounds like there's less to bitch about, no? there are still plenty of other places right there to climb that aren't effected and the ban itself doesn't necessarily last 6 months or prohibit the reopening of areas that are uneffected (the uber-popular se corner and young warriors routes at beacon, for example, go nowhere frak'n near the peregrin nest on big ledge). also, and not to knock tieton too much, it's just not nearly as cool a place as beacon, so its harder to get worked up over any of it being closed.

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