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[TR] Strobach - FA: Ponderosa Pillar WI5 65m 2/1/2009


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Trip: Strobach - FA: Ponderosa Pillar WI5 65m


Date: 2/1/2009


Trip Report:

Alpine Monkey and I (Bryan Schmitz) went into Strobach for some ice this weekend and ended up having a great time. The snow conditions were pretty prime, no post holing.


We began at the Motherlode area on Saturday.



Me looking pretty jazzed for the Hike in after the 2:15am wake up and the three and half hour drive that followed.



Hiking In



Some cool looking rock or dirt?




2 + hours later we arrive!!!

In the words of Frank Snaders, "i am here now"



Dropline through Bleeder Project






Strobach Unclimbed A & B.

Now strobach Unclimbed A & Ponderosa Pillar




Me high up the route, the route was about 70 feet longer than we thought, topped it out and rapped off a tree. God look at all those screws what was I doing?



First on The Right



Left side of the watchtower Area

We climbed the tongue and Hidden Delight on sunday

A possible "Winter Dance" of Strobach in the upper left of the photo.



The Watchtower, NOT Touching, to bad, but a good reason to return later.


Approach Notes:

Hwy 12

Tieton Road just east of rimrock lake, head through the woods towards Strobach Mountain. Follow directions in WA state ice.


You can see the climbs on Strobach across the lake and would be a good way to check conditions if you had a scope.

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A few more photos to add to the mix stolen from kublaicon:



Brian intially tried the left side of the pillar, but came back down because it was pretty scarry. Then I decided to give the right side a go (pictured below) and was able to gain more secure climbing above. I don't get the opprotunity to climb ice nearly as much as Bryan, so after climbing the difficult bottom was completely pumped. I climbed about 2 more body lengths above this picture, then lowered down and Bryan climbed back up and finished her off...Style? 8D


A little size perspective, Bryan at the belay in the red jacket:




Erik and Conor found some fatty ice on ice dreams:




The Tongue and Robot Waitress:



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