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Bozeman/Cody Ice


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Anyone headed that way mid February? I'm not looking for a partner, but I'd like to share a ride/gas. I could drive my car, also, and you could have it to use once there (pending the results of a 12 hour psychological evaluation on the way there). However, if I could get a ride, I don't need rides/a car once I'm in Bozeman.


I'm hoping to get at least 4 or 5 days of climbing, but I'm pretty flexible as long as I go over Presidents weekend, Feb. 13th-16th +/- a few days (I could take that whole week off as well if anyone were interested in a 9 or 10 day trip...).


Anyone? Otherwise, it looks like I may only get two days of climbing over the weekend.

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I just realized that, thats the Ice fest Weekend....Gapers beware...lots of hate bags rolling in from the south.


Hate bags from the south? Man, the worst people I always run into at Cody are these guys from South Dakota who intentionally climb the trade routes during the Ice Fest weekend to try and disrupt clinics. I've seen them out there three years running while helping with clinics/climbing.


That said, there are definitely more people out during the Ice Fest. I've never had a bad time during it though, definitely a lot of cool people around and fun routes to be done.


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"hate bags" is the term that "Al" from the creek uses to describe climbers from CO. I thought that while its not the best description it was so funny at the time that I can't but help use it.

yeah I guess I am just spoiled and used to having the place nearly to myself. Generally, if your an ice climber your going to be a pretty chill dude or dudette

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