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Another Accident on Hood 1/21/2009


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Hey it's Brian Barker from KATU, your friendly ski patrolling/mountaineering TV reporter. There's another rescue underway on the South Side. Sounds like ice fall again.


A check of Timberline and Meadows telemetry on NWAC shows temps in the 40s above 6,000 feet. Friends I've spoken with have encountered severe ice-fall above 9,000 feet.


Early reports indicate that today's rescue is at the 10,000 foot level.


Good luck to the rescuers and best wishes to those who need the help.

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Hoping the best for to the injured and rescuers.


With ice conditions like they are (rime) and the warm temps, it doesn't take much sun to create icefall. If you're gonna go for it, it's best to go in early morning... before sun exposure.


We saw some large chunks hurtling down the Pearly Gates and gullies to the east on Sunday morning.




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Brian just reported on KATU that the 31yr old Brooke Colvin died in this accident. Condolences to her surviving husband Thad Stavin who was on the climb.




It is unclear that they were up there that late. But from my experience this weekend I dont think the Sun is at all the only factor. Stuff was coming fown before sun-up. Its a gamble with these high temps and high winds. A deep shame that this gamble turned out as it did.

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that's fucking awful - ugh!


too early for details of course, but wtf happened? the ss always is getting stone/icefall of some sort, and folks get hit frequently (i certainly have been nailed there b4) - why'd this accident have such a cruel ending?

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Fuck. Again? That is so terribly sad. Really humbling as well. Seems like they were up there too late, especially considering the conditions. I will definitely never be caught up there again in above freezing temps, not this time of year at least. I offer my condolences to Brooke's family and friends.

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Very sad day on Hood. Condolences to the surviving husband, family and friends.


The accident happened quite some time prior to the rescue call (10:15am) because her husband had to down climb to her, he then administered CPR for a period of time until another climbing party came along and called it in.


Her fall ended just west of the Hogs Back in the fumarole flats at around 10,500', so the ice fall occurred somewhere above that. KATU reported a 400' fall.


A team of around 12 PMR volunteers preformed the recovery, Timberline provided snowcat services and the Clackamas county sheriff coordinated the rescue. No choppers involved.


It was balmy warm at T-line around noon. However, it was considerably colder (upper 20's to lower 30's) at the Hogs back mid afternoon. There was minimal ice fall for the hour or so I was up there. Just a few small waves of kitty litter. What happened in the morning was unfortunate timing leading to a terrible accident.

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