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Smith this weekend (10/6-7)


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I am thinking of heading to Smith this weekend. I could use a partner, and I am also willing to give a ride to anyone who wants to share some gas money.

I'll plan on making sure I still know how to climb at Smith by checking out some of my favorite climbs in the 5.10-5.11 range, and possibly hop on some 5.12. I won't be doing anything in the gullies and probably won't head to the backside because I'll have my dog with me.

Email me at hollyclimber@hotmail.com if you are interested.

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Hey dudes-

Thanks for the responses, I am all hooked up with a partner now for this weekend. Hope I see some of you cc.com people down there. If you see me with my big dopey black white and tan "puppy", say hi.


U Wall was ok. My partner wasn't sure about just launching into our first multi-day aid wall, so we just climbed 2 pitches. That was fun, and I learned some stuff. I managed to do my first Grade 6 in the Valley, so now U Wall seems so short and do-able. I wish it was still the right weather for getting on it. I thought about going up there this weekend, but it is supposed to rain. So, I might have to save it for the spring.

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